I've made a simple applicaton that runs on Linux, Windows, and (probably!) Mac using OpenFrameworks that takes input from your webcam and applies various filters. Check »

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Real-time voice morphing

This is a guide on how to create and set up real-time morphing of your voice for free. This can be used in voice chat in »

Global Game Jam 2016

I participated in Global Game Jam 2016 with a bunch of friendly people. The theme was "ritual", so we made a game about a time-looped ritual »

New project: fastjam

I've begun working on my game engine, currently named fastjam. Its intended use is quick and easy development of 2D games during gamejams. The code can »

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Ludum Dare 33 - afterthoughts

I participated in Ludum Dare 33 with Skyfish. The game can be found here. I will not describe how it was made, but rather what I »

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This blog will detail things that I make, contribute to or otherwise care about. For now, you can check out the following: Project War (Windows) - »